Synclavier V Soundpack 007

Soundpack contains 32 sounds for Arturia’s Synclavier V, divided in Synthpads, Keyboards, Effects, Bass and Leadsounds.

Listen to the sounds in use:

JJH_Shaku01, JJH_sharppad01, JJH_SimpleSynth_01, JJH_SimpleSynth_02, JJH_splitty_01, JJH_SQQR_01, JJH_SQQR_02, JJH_SQQR_03, JJH_Square01, JJH_StringOrchestra01, JJH_strings01, JJH_Strings02, JJH_Supersaw, JJH_Supersaw2, JJH_SynBass_01, JJH_SynBass_02, JJH_SynBass_03, JJH_SynBass_04, JJH_SynBass_05, JJH_synchoir_01, JJH_synchoir_02, JJH_Synergy_01, JJH_Synlead_01, JJH_Synlead_02, JJH_Synlead_03, JJH_SynPiano_1001, JJH_SynPiano_1002, JJH_SynSytings_01, JJH_SynthHarp01, JJH_SynthOrgan_01, JJH_THX, JJH_Trnc_01

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