Synclavier V Soundpack 008
Synth pioneers 01

Soundpack contains 30 sounds based on music of Jean Michel Jarre, Tomita, Synergy, Vangelis and Wendy Carlos

Listen to the sounds in use:

JARRE-1, JARRE-2, JARRE-3, JJH_TomiPad_01, JJH_TomiPad_02, JJH_TomiPad_03, JJH_Tomita_arp_01, JJH_Tomita_arp_02, JJH_Tomita_arpeggio01, JJH_Tomita_arpeggio02, JJH_Tomita_Flute_01, JJH_Tomita_FluteVoice, JJH_Tomita_lead_01, JJH_Tomita_lead_02, JJH_Tomita_Voices_01, JJH_Tomita_Voices_02, JJH_Tomita_Voices_03, JJH_Tomita_Voices_04, Synergy_S01, Synergy_S02, Vangelis_001, WC_01, WC_02, WC_03, WC_04 lead, WC_shorty_01, WC_shorty_02, WC_shorty_03, WCarlos_sound-001, WCarlos_sound-002

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