Voltage Modular

Apart from the standalone software further down the page, RFM now also creates modules for the Cherry Audio  Voltage Modular environment!

RFM-R Available in the store NOW!


Now that RFM-R is released, we will focus more on the other 2 packages, RFM-D, which is the DXC converter, and RFM-S, the sequence creator for Synclavier.
Although these will be launched as separate packages, it might be interesting  to look at combi-packages. Customers who will buy a single package and later also get an other package, will  get the combi  because that will expand on the single program possibilities….
There will be a sort of modular approach.. if you buy RFM-R and later buy RFM-D, you will receive a combi-program where converted sounds can be used as basis for randomized sounds for instance…
As soon as new packages are about to be available, extra info and videos will follow..
When all software packages are finished we will focus on our modular softsynth: BIXYNZ

RFM-R  Randomize

With this program you can select which of the available parameters will be randomized and you can select an overall waveform for carrier and modulator. There are a number of presets available that have ADSR set to the style of for instance a Synth pad, or a Synth bass sound, after which you can adjust how much that preset should be randomized. We have also added a lot of extra wavevorms to choose from when preparing your sounds for Synclavier V.


and later….

RFM-D  DX7 convert

In this program you can load a sysex DX7 bank, select a sound and convert that sound to Synclavier V.
Although conversion can never be 100%, sounds will be  as close as possible.

work in progress

RFM-S  sequencer

The RFM-S sequencer can use Synclavier V’s timeslices to create sequences where you can add or remove steps, for which transpose, volume, modulation and waveform can be set. 

work in progress


Modular polyphonic softsynth:
A softsynth recreation of the modular Formant, although pretty much expanded.. 6 VCOs, 6 VCFs, 10 ADSRs and 3 sequencers to name but a few – and all polyphonic but more about this later…

work in progress

Watch the videos to get an impression of DXC or BIXYN